Native Woodland

The Native Woodland Scheme has been a wonderful addition to the planting program. It is now accounting for a significant percentage of the national planting numbers and has continued to highlight the great benefits forestry brings to Ireland in general and local communities in particular.

The Native Woodland Scheme is further encouraged with the support of the woodland environmental fund. This fund will add €1,000 per hectare to the land owner from a support company, interested in having an association with the benefits from the forest (but not owning the forest, trees or land).

Woodland with Heritage Bridge Forestry Management Plan

A forest thrives under constant and consistent professional management. From initial establishment and seeking approval from the Forest Service, through to silvicultural maintenance with thinning and harvesting, to clearfell or continuous cover forestry, Green Belt's expert foresters are located nationally to support your forest activities.

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Grants for Native Woodlands

Native Woodland Scheme

Native Woodland Establishment (as represented by Grant & Premium Categories (GPCs) 9 and 10 under the Afforestation Grant & Premium Scheme)funds the establishment of new native woodland on open ‘greenfield’ sites.

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