Proactively managing your forest

Forestry Grants

Green Belt provides a full management service for all our clients. Whether you established your forestry with us, have an existing forest or are now considering becoming involved in forestry, we can guide you through the necessary applications to make the most of your forest.

Green Belt source, acquire and manage these plantations on your behalf.

Current Grants

Forestry Establishment Grant & Premiums

Forestry establishment is covered by a full, exchequer backed grant. This is to encourage further planting nationally to increase the national cover from below 11% to 18%.

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PDF icon Afforestation premium rates 2023 - 2027

Woodland Improvement Scheme

Hardwoods are an integral part of the national estate. Developing a hardwood plantation can be challenging, but the woodland improvement scheme is designed to enhance your broadleaf plantations. There are two occasions this can be applied for.

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PDF icon Woodland Improvement Scheme

Road Grants

Forest roads are essential to develop sustainable access to your forest as it matures. A grant which covers approximately 80% of construction costs, is offered to allow a high standard of road to be built and developed into the plantation.

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FT 1 Native Forests

FT1 comprises the creation of new native forest, principally to promote Native Forest biodiversity, biodiversity within the wider landscape, and other ecosystem services such as soil and water protection and landscape enhancement.

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PDF icon Afforestation scheme launch FAQs from DAFM

Reconstitution Scheme for Ash Dieback

Chalara fraxinea, known as ash dieback disease, is a relatively newly described fungal disease of ash which was first named in 2006 and has spread rapidly across much of Europe, with the majority of European countries where ash is present now reporting the disease.

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PDF icon reconstitutionschemechalaraed2190315.pdf

Native Tree Area Scheme

The Native Tree Area Scheme (NTA 1 & NTA 2) is a unique and novel approach that allows up to 2 hectares (5 acres) of land to be planted (afforestation) without the requirement to obtain an afforestation licence. As stated in the manual (download below), the objectives of the Schemes are:

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PDF icon Native Tree Area Scheme

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Our network of professional foresters located nationally are perfectly placed to source opportunities suitable for you and to manage your investment through to clearfell and beyond.