Green Belt Harvesting Forestry

Green Belt Harvesting Forestry

Sustainable Harvesting Plan

Sustainable Harvesting Plan

Timber Harvesting

Timber harvesting is an essential silvicultural process for most forestry stands. Our professional foresters will guide you through the entire process.

Thinning and harvesting your plantation is a big decision. It is something that needs to be decided upon by a professional forester to ensure that the right decision is made at the right time. Managing your forest for the long term is our skill and we use that talent to provide you the best available advice in managing your valuable asset - your forest.

For example, if it is deemed too late and/ or dangerous to harvest, we look to other management techniques to ensure the desired results are achieved from your forestry portfolio.

Our team of professional foresters can expertly analyse your plantation and discuss the logistics of the harvesting operation.

A felling licence is required to facilitate harvesting and very often a forest road will be necessary to facilitate access. A felling licence is a complex submission, and with our in house ecology team, we will make this application process as smooth as possible. Once the licence has been issued, you benefit from the nationwide harvesting operations of Green Belt in improved timber pricing and performance.

Your local forester will work with you to deliver your forest thinned to a high standard with a view to maximising revenues from your forest.

Harvesting Trees - Estimated Harvesting Value

Return on investment calculations are based on the most common scheme prices. Prices from 1st Jan 2019 and may vary due to various factors. Please get in touch with Greenbelt for more options.

Green Belt Services

Thinning a Forest Thinning & Harvesting

Thinning is an essential maintenance procedure for forests and it will enhance the future growth and production of your plantation towards clearfell. Thinning is the removal of a proportion of the trees in a crop.

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Woodland Improvement Scheme

Hardwoods are an integral part of the national estate. Developing a hardwood plantation can be challenging, but the woodland improvement scheme is designed to enhance your broadleaf plantations. There are two occasions this can be applied for.

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Safeguarding the environment Environmental Impact Statements

For most applications to the Forest Service, there is a necessity for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). These reports address the impacts forestry may have on the environment within a 15km radius of the forest or proposed forest.

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Proactively managing your forest Forestry Grants

Green Belt provides a full management service for all our clients. Whether you established your forestry with us, have an existing forest or are now considering becoming involved in forestry, we can guide you through the necessary applications to make the most of your forest.

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Reconstitution Scheme for Ash Dieback

Chalara fraxinea, known as ash dieback disease, is a relatively newly described fungal disease of ash which was first named in 2006 and has spread rapidly across much of Europe, with the majority of European countries where ash is present now reporting the disease.

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Road Grants

Forest roads are essential to develop sustainable access to your forest as it matures. A grant which covers approximately 80% of construction costs, is offered to allow a high standard of road to be built and developed into the plantation.

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Timber marketing Timber Marketing

Marketing is the process of selling timber to obtain its true fair market value. Achieving a reasonable financial return on a timber investment depends on many factors.

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Our network of professional foresters located nationally are perfectly placed to source opportunities suitable for you and to manage your investment through to clearfell and beyond.