More than 500 million trees planted by Green Belt

More than 500 million trees planted by Green Belt

Trade Carbon from your forest

Trade Carbon from your forest

New forestry program launched

New forestry program launched

Establish an Irish Forest

When you plant a forest or woodland, you are making a huge contribution to the environment. Woodlands and the long term products created from forests and woodlands store CO2. It's really important to remember, you always own the trees and the land.

Planting a forest is extremely rewarding. When you consider planting a forest, Green Belt and our team of professional foresters will guide you through the full application process through to establishment and through the lifecycle. Considering forestry is an important life choice and there are many positive benefits and gains to be made - the obvious financial gains, of course whereby there is a full grant to cover the establishment costs. Additionally, there is an annual premium, paid to you as landowner, directly, for 20 years as a farmer (15 years for non-farmers). Watch this brief video

The annual premium is available for the forest owner for 20 years, and valued up to €1,103 per hectare depending on the species selected - important to remember we plant The Right Tree in the Right Place, for the Right Reasons. Green Belt works with the forest owners (you!) throughout the lifecycle of the plantation and we advise on all aspects of forestry estate management. Our focus is on managing the plantation to fulfill its potential - for some it's financial, for others it's an amenity. Regardless, each forest is important and adds so much to the local community and the private estate in Ireland.

Reporting for companies on their environmental impact of their actions (or inaction) and investments is increasingly important and beginning a compliance issue. Frameworks including the Taskforce for Nature Based Financial Disclosures (TNFD) has "developed a set of disclosure recommendations and guidance for organisations to report and act on evolving nature-related dependencies, impacts, risks and opportunities". Green Belt provides Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) services to companies working to actively be Nature Positive. The projected launch of the Carbon Removal Certificate framework will also allow Carbon to be traded or inset versus emissions.

Forestry Earnings

Forestry Grants for New Planting

Forestry Establishment Grant & Premiums

Forestry establishment is covered by a full, exchequer backed grant. This is to encourage further planting nationally to increase the national cover from below 11% to 18%.

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PDF icon Afforestation premium rates 2023 - 2027

FT 1 Native Forests

FT1 comprises the creation of new native forest, principally to promote Native Forest biodiversity, biodiversity within the wider landscape, and other ecosystem services such as soil and water protection and landscape enhancement.

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PDF icon Afforestation scheme launch FAQs from DAFM

Native Tree Area Scheme

The Native Tree Area Scheme (NTA 1 & NTA 2) is a unique and novel approach that allows up to 2 hectares (5 acres) of land to be planted (afforestation) without the requirement to obtain an afforestation licence. As stated in the manual (download below), the objectives of the Schemes are:

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PDF icon Native Tree Area Scheme

We all have a responsibility to reduce our Carbon Footprint.

The Native Tree Area Scheme (NTA 1 & NTA 2) allows for the planting of up to 2 hectares (5 acres) without the requirement of an afforestation (tree planting) licence. The Premium is very attractive and is paid over 10 years at a rate of €2,206 per hectare (NTA 1) or €2,284 per hectare (NTA 2). It has the added benefit of improving the biodiversity value of your lands also.

Green Belt Services for New Forest Plantations

Woodland with Heritage Bridge Forestry Management Plan

A forest thrives under constant and consistent professional management.

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Safeguarding the environment Environmental Impact Statements

For most applications to the Forest Service, there is a necessity for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). These reports address the impacts forestry may have on the environment within a 15km radius of the forest or proposed forest.

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Biodiversity and Carbon Trade Carbon from your forest

Ireland has a very low level of forestry. It is widely accepted that forestry is uniquely placed as one of the most effective solutions available to Ireland to meet its climate targets.

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