Forestry Management Plan

Green Belt has developed a Four Year Forestry Management Contract which is specifically designed for farmers. The company will undertake to establish a forest for the farmer utilising the grant paid by the Forest Service.

Site Preparation

Once the objectives of the new forest have been considered and species to be planted selected, it is time to begin the practical side of the site development.

Fire Insurance

To protect new or existing forest plantations, it is really important to make sure the forest is properly insured against fire.

Green Belt offers full insurance covering fire brigade call out, replanting and establishment of a replacement forest.

Panama Teak Investment

Panama Teak Investment

Green Belt is returning to Panama following a successful sale of its AUM in 2013. The target is to acquire over 5 years, plant and manage 2,400 hectares of Teak and seek an exit after 10 years. Returns are forecast as 7% - 8% compounded per annum.


After the initial ground preparation and site development it is possible to proceed with the planting of the site.