Green Belt - Your Forestry, Your Future

Green Belt is Ireland's largest private forestry group specialising in professional timberland management. Since 1982 Green Belt has established more than 400,000 acres of new forestry across Ireland. They have managed this private estate through its lifetime, enhancing the environmental, social and economic value of the forest through sustainable forestry management techniques.

The private estate is evolving in Ireland. Proactive investment, predominantly indigenous, is adding further value to a fragmented estate. There are vast opportunites to become involved in the revolution.

As Green Belt was at the forefront of private and institutional forestry establishment throughout the 1980's and 1990's, so they are in the lifecycle of forestry with harvesting, clearfelling and reafforestation. The fragementation of the entire private estate (365,00 hectares across 21,000 owners) means, the economies of scale can be difficult to achieve as a private owner.

Green Belt are recognising the fact that many of the original forest owners are now in a position where they would prefer to sell their forestry asset. This presents attractive options for those looking to secure their families long term financial security and stability.

There are 20 professional forestry management experts operating nationwide for Green Belt. These managers are proficient in afforestation (new planting), timber harvesting (thinning and clearfell) and management reports on the forestry estate. This group is backed up by a team of administrators from the head quarters in Virginia, County Cavan.

Green Belt continues to explore opportunities on behalf of their clients and has successfully invested in Scotland, the UK, Eastern Europe and Central America. In fact, the last investment into Panama was so well received, Green Belt is reinvesting into Panama Teak.

With the evolution within the private estate, further developments and relationships will develop. Green Belt has expertise within the energy sector, in aprticular in timber supply agreements, as well as facilitating wind farm developments and co-working on CHP and AD plants.

Latest from Green Belt

Timber Stacked in Forest
July 11, 2018

Green Belt has increased its harvesting activities across the whole country. This has resulted in improved logistical structures and broader markets. All of this improves the prices earned from early harvesting for our clients.

The 9 CAP Objectives
July 10, 2018

The impending CAP reform is likely to have a strong imapct on Ireland and its agricultural practices between now and its final announcement and implementation.

Thinning Event hosted by Green Belt
March 14, 2018

Green Belt hosted 56 clients at a timber thinning event in Kingscourt recently.

Jan. 23, 2018

Biomass is to play a significant role in the future of energy.

In an article published on the IHB website, the future for bioenergy is being promoted. The article is quoted below and the link is here

Harvesting Trees for Renewable Energy
Dec. 7, 2017

In a press release from the DCCAE:

Naughten kick-starts Biomass and Biogas Sectors with introduction of Support Scheme for Renewable Heat