Green Belt vehicles in a forest

A new logo for a changing time

Dec. 3, 2020

Here, at Green Belt, we have refashioned our logo to highlight our commitment and dedication to the sustainability and enhancement of your forestry and natural environment through our expert service delivery. Since 1982, we have delivered professional forestry advice and management to more than 7,000 clients at home and abroad. As forestry becomes increasingly crucial in the climate action agenda, Green Belt’s position as professional forestry and natural environment management consultants provide us with the perfect platform to develop the bioeconomy and add further value to the national private estate. ‘Your Forest, Your Future’ is an expression of our commitment to you, our clients, to continue to deliver exceptional returns in economic, environmental and social terms. Your local forestry expert will guide you through all aspects of essential forestry management. We look forward to working with you into the future. Watch out for our newly branded vehicles on the road too!