New Planting enabled

Green Light for new planting

Jan. 3, 2023

The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine have made funds available to allow those with an active planting approval to establish their forest and woodlands. This is in lieu of the new program receiving approval from Europe.

Those with planting approval can either opt to go ahead under 'De Minimis' rules and avail of the new premiums - see rates below. For example, if you plant hardwoods, you could receive an annual premium of €1,103 per hectare for 20 years.

It is encouraging to see the facilitation of new planting ahead of the final agreements on the program. We are excited to see those with approvals get trees in the ground and to begin their afforestation journey.

If you would like to consider new planting, contact us here to learn how the Grants and Premium schemes work and how Green Belt can help you find and secure the right lands for your project.