Pippa Hackett plants a tree

Congratulations to Pippa Hackett

July 10, 2020

Green Belt is delighted to see Minister Barry Cowen @CowenBarry has selected Minister Hackett to "be the Minister with direct responsibility for forestry matters in Government." In a statement on the DAFM website a meeting between Ministers Cowen and Hackett with Coillte was spoken of and the vast potential in the forestry sector was discussed during this meeting.

We believe, having spoken with both Ministers, that their focus and drive to promote, improve and deliver within the sector is extremely positive and is a drive that has been sorely missing for a long time.

The potential to increase value, sustain the environment and enhance our carbon mitigation efforts are intrinsically linked to our forestry and land use policy. Minister Hackett has pedigree in the agricultural arena and certainly seems to have the appetite to deliver a successful program.

Green Belt will provide as much support to the government in this transition as possible and strongly encourages the diverse and varied forestry and woodland programmes that can be delivered successfully across all aspects of our agricultural landscape.

If you would like to play your part, please contact one of our professional foresters and consider the options available to you.