High surface area biochar

Biochar - your natural carbon store

Oct. 7, 2020

Green Belt biochar is live! We are producing high quality biochar as measured by independent testing lab’ @celignis. High, stable carbon content, exceptionally large surface area and a sustainable source ensures that your biochar supply will provide precisely what your lands require.

Our Biochar can be provided ‘raw’ or can be added to an active agent to provide the requisite nutrients for your application.

For those looking to increase grass yield, composting biochar with slurry for a 2 week period and then spreading it intimately across your pasture will see long term, greatly beneficial returns and increased grass production. This is the result dairy farmers are seeking - an increase in yield per hectare.

For all farm and/ or land users that produce a run off, biochar is an ideal filter and one which will capture the nutrients from the run off and deliver it to the required destination. For example, to minimise the emissions per farm, it is suggested every holding should have a tree presence. If this were strategically located in the line of traditional run off, the trees could be planted with biochar at the roots and the nutrients would be adsorbed this enhancing the growth of the trees and protecting the watercourses and associated elements.

This is real. This is true. This is your chance. More and more companies are now looking at sustainable and active ways to address their carbon footprint. Utilising biochar as a carbon store in soil amendment purposes for example is one such event. Biochar typically captures more than 3 tonnes of CO2 eq per ton of biochar produced, with a low production footprint.

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