Tree planting preparation

Aldi plants 15,000 trees as part of Carbon pledge

May 28, 2020

Aldi have committed to tackle their carbon emissions and address the forestry shortfall across Ireland by supporting a local farmer in Kerry. Under the Woodland Environmental Fund (WEF), Aldi provided additional financial support to the farmer, John Lynch, to further encourage the establishment of a native woodland. The details appear in this newspaper article

The native woodland scheme and the WEF administered by the Forest Service and regulated by Natural Capital Partners, has been a wonderful addition to the planting program. It is now accounting for a significant percentage of the national planting numbers and has continued to highlight the great benefits forestry brings to Ireland in general and local communities in particular.

Forestry is unique in how it can add value to so many throughout its life cycle. As an amenity for the forest owner, it is a wonderful asset. It also provides a generous tax free income and a wealth protector for families. For a community, the majority of works carried out on a forest are done so by local workers and foresters, thus keeping business in an area and of course there are the environmental benefits - capturing and storing carbon not only in its growing life, but beyond that in the products that are created from the timber.

Your local forester will help you decide what trees are best for your land. Contact them today.