Afforestation scheme launched

Sept. 6, 2023

Green Belt is delighted to announce the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine are now accepting new applications to establish forests and woodlands across Ireland.

The scheme, designed to run from 2023-2027, features numerous changes and differences to previous schemes.

Annual premiums are increased and are available for up to 20 years, as a farmer. There are 12 different options to consider, termed as Forest Types (FT). We expect FT1 - creation of native woodlands and FT12 - commercial planting with hardwood mix - to be the most popular. Annual premiums are €1,104 per hectare for FT1 and €780 per hectare for FT12.

Minister Pippa Hackett was understandably buoyant at the release identifying the many years of work that it has taken to get to this stage.

We look forward to the resurgence of a planting program and the invaluable benefits that trees, forests and woodlands bring to the country. Also noteworthy, is the fact that the forest owner will be in a position to trade their carbon under the carbon removal framework certificate to be issued shortly.

Get in touch with us to explore your options.