Winner Agribusiness of the Year 2017

Nov. 14, 2017

Green Belt were crowned Agribusiness of the Year in Forestry.

We were delighted to be not only nominated for this prestigous award, but to actually win. There was strong competition but our entry focussed on the strengths of Green Belt and the emphasis we place on quality and efficiency across our managed portfolio.

For 35 years, we have encouraged a culture of excellence from all our professional foresters and this reward recognises Green Belt for this hard work consistently delivered. It also appreciates the energy and commitment to a future for the forestry industry in Ireland. Afforestation figures need to be improved and further work to increase the mobility of timber in the sector needs to be completed. Further, a determined urge towards renewables, particularly in the shape of biomass, will advance the forestry market in no small way.

Green Belt would like to thank the organisers for the award and the hard work of the judges. Most imprtantly, we would like to thank all our loyal forest owners across the country for their support and trust in Green Belt.