Green Belt appointed forestry consultants on Farnham Estate

Oct. 16, 2017

Green Belt is truly delighted to be working with the management of Farnham Estate Spa and Golf Resort.

We will be working closely with the management team on site to provide a full and complete service with respect to their 185 hectares of forestry. What makes this forestry estate so special and unique is the age and beauty of the parklands setting and the maturity and majesty of the trees across the estate.

There are various compartments across the estate which have been managed to various levels over its lifetime. Green Belt is taking charge of the management of the mature woodlands and ensuring the long term, sustainable future of this forestry through proactive management.

First port of call was to accurately assess each of the stands on site and to create a detailed inventory of the standing timber. Secondly we assessed the areas that had been clearfelled previously and we set about replanting these.

Of course, based on the nature of the core business of Farnham estate, we were conscious of maintaining the beautiful walks that exist around the three lakes on the estate. The natural beauty of these walks is both breathtaking and serene and offers a wonderful opportunity to feel peace and tranquility. Working with the estate managers, we set about maintaining and enhancing these features. Work on these areas needed to be worthwhile and sensitive to the environs. Certain areas are going to be greatly improved by reafforestation and plots of new forestry will further improve the soil quality and vista around the location.

Green Belt employs numerous local contractors for the works being carried out and, being a Cavan based company, we were absolutely thrilled to be partnering with the estate.

Private estate management has always been a part of the Green Belt arsenal, but recently we have developed our expertise considerably through the management of vast areas of private woodland estates across Ireland - including Cahercon Estate in County Clare and some very important estates in Wicklow, Leitrim and Cavan.

We will be updating our Farnham reports continuously so you can keep an eye on progress. Of course, there's nothing like seeing it in the flesh, so visit the estate at your earliest opportunity.