Forestry as a wealth protector

Forestry as a wealth protector

Establishing a commercial forest

Ireland is an extremely attractive region for establishing and maturing commercial forestry. With strong growth rates, a supportive grant and premium structure as well as favourable tax treatment and a temperate climate that enhances growth, it is an ideal location for afforestation.

Planting and managing a commercial forest is valuable to the entire country - it provides employment in rural locations, it provides habitat for wildlife and it protects our watercourses. And with the current tax treatment for earnings from commercial timber, it is an excellent wealth protector and legacy for families.

Green Belt operates a 4 year management contract specifically designed for farmers and landowners who wish to plant a new forest. This contract relieves the owner of all the risks in establishing the plantation. The forest is established by Green Belt utilising a grant paid by the Forest Service. The annual premium is available for the forest owner for 15 years, at an average value of** €210 per acre per annum**. Green Belt works with the forest owners (you!) throughout the lifecycle **of the plantation and we advise on all aspects of forestry management. Our focus is on managing the plantation to fulfill its potential - for some it's financial, for others it's an amenity. Regardless, **each forest is important and adds so much to the local community and the private estate in Ireland.

Forestry Earnings

Calculate your earnings from forestry premiums##

It is essential for Ireland to establish much more forestry than its current level. Today it stands at 11% with a target of 18% by 2025 required for Ireland to offset some of the climate change conditions Ireland has committed to. Many believe that forestry is one of the strongest tools Ireland possesses to combat this change, particularly from a national perspective.

Forestry as an investment Green Belt is actively promoting the further development of the private forestry estate. There are numerous options to avail of to generate an income from forestry. Traditional commercial forestry, in the shape of Sitka Spruce has been practiced for many years. The growth rates (yield) in Ireland are outstanding and it delivers an excellent crop which is utilised locally in one of the countries 8 large sawmills (multiple smaller mills nationally). This timber is processed into panel boards and construction grade timber. much of this timber is either exported to the UK or used in the domestic house building market. Expected returns are in the range of 4-7% per annum, compounded over the lifetime of the plantation.