Carbon Capture in Irish forests

Carbon Capture in Irish forests

Carbon Offsetting with Native Woodlands

The time is now to address your Carbon footprint. It's no longer enough to simply offset, we need to reduce. Replanting forests across Ireland with more hardwoods and a continuous cover management system will help. Corporate Ireland -** #MakeYourDifference**

With an average of 6.5 tonnes Carbon Capture per hectare in new forestry, the very positive contribution you can make is definitive. Green Belt will plant and manage woodlands on behalf of businesses looking to offset their emissions. It is a journey we can share together and one that will restore and protect our native woodlands AND deliver

PERMANENT - Managed under CCF (Continual cover forestry) these woodlands and areas of reforestation will not be cut down.

VERIFIABLE - working with Natural Capital Partners and Sustineo, we will have independent verification of the carbon being captured and stored within the forests.

ADDITIONAL - These forests will be planted using Green Belt Biochar as a growing medium, meaning less chemical fertiliser, less leaching into watercourses, improved natural biodiversity and improved growth in the crop - more Carbon captured and stored for longer!!

The further benefits to forestry and woodlands across Ireland and in local communities is the mindfulness and mental wellbeing from spending time in trees.

According to Dr. Qing Li – one of the world’s foremost experts on shinrin-yoku (forest bathing), forest walking may prevent chronic illnesses, reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones.

Within the parameters of the Sustainable development goals, the initiative to establish more hardwoods across green field planting sites, introduce a higher rate of biodiversity and broadleaves to areas to be replanted post harvesting is identifiable across

  1. No poverty

    1. Good health and wellbeing

    2. Quality Education

      1. Clean water and sanitations

      2. Affordable and clean energy

      3. Sustainable cities and communities

      4. Responsible consumption and production

        1. Climate action

        2. Life below water

        3. Life on land

        4. Partnerships for the goals.

Green Belt works with you to define 'your number' and from there how we can then use woodlands to help reduce this. These forests and woodlands will be a living legacy for communities to enjoy as amenities and will be certified using PEFC standards. It will result in significantly improved and protected natural biodiversity and a protection and enhancement of our natural land and water courses.

Environmental Impact statements and analysis. These reports provide a valuable resource to ensure all aspects of the natural environment are protected and enhanced. A detailed report will also provide invaluable information to your stakeholders.