Harvesting Timber from Irish Forestry Estates

Existing Forests & Estates

Existing forestry provides an extremely attractive investment opportunity. For many at the end of their premium period, it is an opportune time to sell on their forestry asset. For investors looking for a shorter term forestry investment, a semi mature forestry acquisition provides a realistic and tangible asset for those looking for a strong, stable and secure investment.

Green Belt source, negotiate and manage these plantations on your behalf.

Another option is to purchase a semi mature plantation – 20 years old for example. Thinning revenues of approximately €200 per acre can be achieved on the first of two thinnings. The duration for the investor to wait before clearfell is significantly reduced therefore returns are quicker and more generous – at least 6% per annum compounded.

For semi mature forestry, it can be difficult to accurately assess the forest in totality pre thinning. By utilising drone technology, Green Belt can stratify the forest and focus our inspection paths and routes for detailed measurement. This data will be gathered and processed to deliver up to date information and allow accurate projections for timber harvesting and revenues.

Such investment patterns are emerging across numerous investment platforms – individuals, self administered pension funds, institutional investors and company pensions. The returns are consistent, generous and lucrative and there is a strong CSR benefit.

Timber earnings are tax free.

Timber earnings represent a great hedge versus inflation as well as something tangible, secure and growing, even in the worst financial climates. Irish and international investors work with Green Belt to improve their portfolio and are kept informed of progress with annual reports and detailed programmes of activity.

Green Belt Services for Existing Forestry Estates

Forestry Management Plan

Green Belt has developed a Four Year Forestry Management Contract which is specifically designed for farmers. The company will undertake to establish a forest for the farmer utilising the grant paid by the Forest Service.

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Thinning & Harvesting

Thinning is an essential maintenance procedure for forests and it will enhance the future growth and production of your plantation towards clearfell. Thinning is the removal of a proportion of the trees in a crop.

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Timber Marketing

Marketing is the process of selling timber to obtain its true fair market value. Achieving a reasonable financial return on a timber investment depends on many factors.

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Fire Insurance

To protect new or existing forest plantations, it is really important to make sure the forest is properly insured against fire.

Green Belt offers full insurance covering fire brigade call out, replanting and establishment of a replacement forest.

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Treament of Ash Dieback Disease

The removal and destruction of trees and leaf litter affected by the disease and the reconstitution of the forest with an alternative species to Ash must be undertaken in strict compliance with the Sanitation Action Plan approved by the Department.

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Wood Chipping Services

Green Belt set up Irish Woodchipping Services in 2008. Irish Woodchipping Service chip on contract and also buy, chip and sell forest material from the forest estate.

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Current Available Maturing Forests

Green Belt always has attractive forestry sites available for sale to suit your investment preferences and tailored to your budget. Not all options are included here. Please get in touch with Green Belt whether you are looking to diversify your portfolio or looking to secure future pension stability.

Name Status Value Area Species Type Access
Bullbog LS
€450,000 26.0ha Sitka Spruce
Semi-mature Forestry
Garryglass LS GB-815
€185,000 15.8ha Sitka Spruce
Semi-mature Forestry
Laghey, DL GB-822
Donegal Town
24.5ha Sitka Spruce
Semi-mature Forestry, Reforestation After Clearfell
Killadoon, SO GB-823
Afforestation New Planting
Ballygarriff GB-824
14.5ha Sitka Spruce
Semi-mature Forestry, Afforestation New Planting
Gortroe GB-825
Sitka Spruce
Semi-mature Forestry, Reforestation After Clearfell
Furoor, CE GB-826
13.6ha Sitka Spruce
Afforestation New Planting
Boolyvannanan CW GB-827
€900,000 121.0ha Sitka Spruce
Semi-mature Forestry
Carrowbaun CE GB-828
€900,000 112.0ha Sitka Spruce
Afforestation New Planting
Green Belt GB-829
Afforestation New Planting
Kilmastulla TY GB-830
€295,000 16.1ha Sitka Spruce
Afforestation New Planting

Get in touch with Green Belt Head Office to discuss work on existing plantations Freephone 1800 200 233 or Tel: +353 49 854 8000

Our network of professional foresters located nationally are perfectly placed to source opportunities suitable for you and to manage your investment through to clearfell and beyond.