Panama Teak Investment

Green Belt’s investment objective is to acquire c.2,400 hectares of forestry land in Panama and to develop teak plantations over the next 5 years, targeting compounded returns of 7%-8% per annum.

Green Belt is returning to Panama following a successful sale of its AUM in 2013. The target is to acquire over 5 years, plant and manage 2,400 hectares of Teak and seek an exit after 10 years. Returns are forecast as 7% - 8% compounded per annum.

Based on the Promoter’s previous experience in Panama it is anticipated that the project will exit between years 8 and 10 targeting a year 8 return of €1.75 million on an investment of €1.0 million (pre-tax). This is equivalent to a return (including initial capital) of €87,500 from the minimum investment amount of €50,000.

John O'Reilly, CEO

Green Belt are currently raising funds for the first investment vehicle.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity contact John O'Reilly on 0862543676, 049 85 48000. or