Pat Hennessy is in favour of forestry

Get the most from your land - sustainably

May 7, 2019

Former Laois IFA Chairman, Pat Hennessy is delighted he made the decision to plant a forest. In 1991, Pat and his wife Margaret, established 38 hectares of Sitka Spruce in Laois. Many of their neighbours were dissenting, but Pat kept a close on his crop (and it is a crop) and was involved at thinning stages. He makes very valid points about those keen to offer a very good price for 1st thinnings - This can mean the timber being removed is the best timber! In the article in the image from @farm_ireland and Pat describes the journey he has been on to date and the recent decision made to continue in forestry via CCF (Continual Cover Forestry).

If you are interested in establishing forestry on land you own, or purchasing land to plant, please make contact with your local Green Belt forester.

We also offer forestry investment options and have an open evening to discuss the options for Irish Forestry investment on May 16th, 2019 in Cavan.