Carbon Positive Forestry Replanting

Ireland has a low level of forestry. In addressing our nations carbon footprint, forestry is seen as one of the most important tools in this campaign. Per Capita, our Green House Gas (GHG) emissions are the 3rd highest in Europe - see graph below , so it is imperative that we address this as a matter of urgency.

The good news is that we can make an positive impact and sequester and store more carbon in our soils than ever before.

HOW? Since the 1990's, there have been financial incentives for farmers and landowners to establish forests on their lands. As the private forestry estate has matured across Ireland, there is more clearfelling of the forests established in the 1980's and 1990's. With this, there is an obligation on the landowner to reestablish their forest at their own cost - this is very well covered from the proceeds from their timber sales, however, the appetite of the forest owners to replant is, in some cases, less that strong. Together, we will take on the replanting obligation and reestablish the forests in the most sustainable, Carbon positive manner in Ireland. Commit to the fund now.

METHOD Green Belt is uniquely positioned to provide a replanting service that applies Green Belt Biochar (TM) at establishment phase. This permanently stores Carbon in the soil from the pyrolised biomass. Biochar provides a wonderful basis for microorganisms to thrive in the soil, which enhances growing conditions, improves the yield class of the trees planted through a Cation Exchange Capacity - i.e. 'swapping' the nutrients from the biochar to the tree's as necessary. Ensuring the forestry reaches it fully established phase is Green Belt's commitment - ensuring it is done in the most sustainable and Carbon Positive way, through the application of certified biochar (developed from certified timber) is your 'Additionality' aspect to offsetting Carbon.

WHO We are seeing a significant increase in companies looking to actively address their annual carbon emissions. A focus on a sustainable approach to positively address this, and one whereby the results are tangible, visible and can actually be visited is attractive to all.

IMPACT The conservative Impact of applying Green belt Biochar to replanting soils actively 'charged' with organic fertilisers from the farm, you will immediately capture 2.8 tonnes of Carbon per ton of Biochar applied (5 tonnes (2.5m3) per hectare will be applied) and the increase in growth rate by at least one yield class, will see an annual capture of Carbon increase by an estimated 12.5% per hectare. We will use independent verifiers and auditors to confirm the capture and add to the reporting.

COST To make a positive contribution here, Green Belt will source and acquire the 'brown' land (forests that have been clearfelled) and arrange to replant these forests according to the most relevant and suitable species. We will continue to monitor and assess the impact of the sustainable practices and report on them at least annually. Per hectare, the costs to positively improve the plantation beyond traditional practices is a one time only €4,800 per hectare, including management over 4 years. Lands are available now for replanting - so act fast!!