Forestry Acquisition Consolidation & Timber (FACT)

Small parcels of forestry are unattractive to larger investment corporations and institutions. This explains the current under-utilisation of these assets, but also presents an opportunity. By sourcing and securing suitable forestry packages of c. 20 acres, Green Belt’s FACT initiative will create clusters of semi-mature forestry in nationally strategic locations to service end markets including sawmills and biomass facilities.

Global research indicates that demand for timber is growing, driven by market forces, sustainability legislation, and technological developments in the sector. Ireland, while a prime location for forestry, is currently structurally ill- prepared to capitalise on this significant opportunity. The country’s private forestry estate is fragmented - a significant portion of Irish forestry cover is comprised of small parcels of land, in private ownership, lacking the means or expertise to efficiently commericalise this asset. Ireland’s private forestry estate has an increasingly important role to play in the delivery of material to the Irish and UK timber market.

Green Belt has identified the need to consolidate small, strategically located parcels of forestry into larger, commercially viable clusters.

Currently providing approximately 16% of the Irish market, by 2027 the private estate will be supplying 50% of the projected available harvest. Consolidating the private estate under fewer owners than the current 21,000 owners, will improve the volume, scale, market power and commercial returns for all timber products harvested within these clusters.

Green Belt’s FACT initiative was created for the specific purpose of harnessing this exceptional opportunity, through a focused initiative to consolidate, manage and ultimately bring Irish timber products to the market in an efficient, sustainable, and professional manner.

Green Belt’s extensive experience in this sector will allow us to explore opportunities in other value adding activities, known as Sustainable, Alternative Income Drivers (SAID’s) which include wind and solar energy generation, as part of the investment management process

Investment Overview

As a tax free investment, forestry offer an ideal hedge against inflation. FACT offers participants the opportunity to participate from an initial investment of only €25,000 - an ideal vehicle for pension and family security.

Investment Amount: €25,000

Time Scale: 10 Years

Purpose: Funds are used to consolidate fragmented forestry under private management in Ireland, delivering timber to meet growing demand.

Return: 8% Internal Rate of Return

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Green Belt have invested more than €28 million for farmers and investors into the above options since our incorporation in 1982. Our network of professional foresters located nationally are perfectly placed to source opportunities suitable for you and to manage your investment through to clearfell and beyond.