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Below is a list of Grants and Schemes available to people looking to invest in forestry. Green Belt can assist you with any of the applications so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Forest Road Scheme
This scheme provides opportunities to forest owners to improve access to forests. Forest roads provide additional biodiversity opportunities in the forest by increasing open spaces and forest edge effect.
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Afforestation Grant and Premium Scheme
The Afforestation Grant and Premium Scheme provides a package to encourage planting of forests by compensating forest owners towards the costs of forestry establishment and for the income foregone during the maturation of the timber crop.
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Premium Payment
premium sheet imagePremia are payable only in relation to plantations which qualify for an Afforestation Grant. Applicants must be over 18 years of age. The Scheme has two rates, the Farmer Rate and the Non-Farmer Rate of premium.
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Woodland Improvement Scheme
This scheme has been amended to limit funding for woodland improvement work associated with tending and thinning of young broadleaves planted post 1980. Funding may also be provided where brashing is required to facilitate manual application of fertiliser where aerial fertilisation is not possible.
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Native Woodland Scheme
The Native Woodland Scheme (NWS) is aimed at protecting, enhancing and expanding Ireland's native woodland resource and associated biodiversity, through appropriate planting and management.
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