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Management Plans

Four Year Forestry Management Plan Contract

Green Belt has developed a Four Year Management Contract which is specifically designed for farmers.

The company will undertake to establish a forest for the farmer utilising the grant paid by the Forest Service.

This contract relieves you of all the risks in establishing your plantation and leaves you free to concentrate on your main farming activities.

Farmers who plant in association with Green Belt have the convenience and security which this contract offers.

Every attention to detail is guaranteed thus ensuring the plantation reaches the approved standard required to attract the appropriate grant.

The contract includes:

  • Fencing of the planted area
  • Preparation of the ground
  • Draining of land
  • Supply and planting of trees
  • Fertilising
  • Vegetation Control
  • Pest control
  • Fire insurance
  • Maintenance of woodland records

In addition, Green Belt will undertake to sell any forest it establishes at any time if required to by one of its many Irish and foreign investors.


Management Plans for Investment Plantations:

Green Belt has developed a managemnt plan for investors into forestry. This ensures that your assets are managed to the highest of standards and your return will be maximised. Utilising our nationawide forestry professional directly employed by Green Belt, we will use our large volume of managed woodlands to create economies of scale for road building, thinning and ultimately clearfelling.

Details on investment opportunities and management are available.

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