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Green Belt Services

Green Belt currently manages in excess of 300,000 acres of private forestry in Ireland for private clients, investors and pension funds. Green Belt are always at the coal face of forestry promotion, in regular contact with local councillors and TD's to maintain the planting grants and premia which are essential to the continuance of afforestation in Ireland.

Thinning & Harvesting
thinning-harvestingIf your forestry plantation is approaching 20 years of age, it might be ready for first thinning. This is an essential maintenance procedure for forests and it will enhance the future growth and production of your plantation towards clearfell.

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Wood Chipping Services
wood-chip-supplyGreen Belt set up Irish Wood chipping Services in 2008. The company currently have several Jenz chippers capable of chipping up to 65t/hour combined. Irish Wood chipping Service chip on contract and also buy, chip and sell forest material from the forest estate.

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Timber Marketing
timber-marketingMarketing is the process of selling timber to obtain its true fair market value. Here are the key points that a woodland owner should consider when marketing timber. Achieving a reasonable financial return on a timber investment depends on many factors. None is more critical, however, than proper marketing. Even if financial gain isn't the primary goal, proper marketing can reduce the cost of achieving other management objectives, such as creating wildlife habitat.

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Forest Establishment
forest-establishmentOnce the objectives of the new forest have been considered and species to be planted selected, it is time to begin the practical side of the site development.

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