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Green Belt Ltd Differentiators

united-kingdomGreen Belt Ltd has proven its ability to build a pipeline of investment opportunities in timberland and related activities.  A key differentiator of the Green Belt model is that it identifies off market land and timberland investment opportunities.  Many competing organisations initially raise finance and then seek allocation opportunities.  Invariably the pressure on these funds to allocate the capital leads to errors being made and land being ‘bid up’ with a loss in potential uplift. 

Green Belt Ltd modus operandi is to establish a local network of contacts to secure suitable land and assets off-market.

Many timberland investment funds talk about emerging markets such as carbon credits and renewable energy.  Green Belt Ltd has committed resources to and built expert knowledge in all of these areas and is actively involved in commercial exploitation of these opportunities [Imperative Energy Ltd and StepGreen].  This enables Green Belt to optimise value adding opportunities without having to engage external consultants or agents.

The ability to identify investment opportunities with both excellent silvicultural fundamentals (soil quality, climatic conditions, aspect, slope, and nutrient availability) as well as investment fundamentals (political stability, proven markets, transport and industrial infrastructure, and availability of skilled and unskilled labour) is a key element of successful timberland investment. 

Green Belt Ltd has a proven track record in this regard and has the requisite skills to identify and evaluate opportunities on a global basis.

Green Belt value, purchase and manage forest plantations in the UK on behalf of Irish investors. If you would like to invest in forestry in the UK then please please contact John O Reilly here or Tel: +353 (0) 49 854 8000

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