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Friday, 10 October 2014 11:00

Green Belt European Forestry Investment Featured

Green Belt is always seeking new investment opportunities to present to our clients, both new and old. Across Ireland, the UK and Europe we explore and examine forestry and forestry related investment options offering a range of returns suitable for all risk appetites.

Please keep in touch with us to stay informed on all exciting projects. Our focus is to provide a number of investments utilising various models and vehicles to make the returns most attractive and efficient. This includes providing a platform for 'retail investors' - those regarded by the central bank as unqualified.

Green Belt has an excellent track record in sourcing and manging forestry investments for both individuals and groups across the world. In Panama, we successfully established 1,800 hectares of Teak in 2ADDING VALUE TO INVESTMENT005 and sold to a pension fund in 2013, providing returns of 12 - 14% to all our clients.

Similarly, we have purchased blocks of forestry and planting land across Ireland and the UK for individuals providing management services to maximise the financial returns for each investor.

To discuss your options, please email or call us.


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