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Panama Teak Investment

International Forestry Investment Opportunities with Green Belt

teakplantationGreen Belt has brought an international dimension to forestry investment with the establishment of high-value tropical hardwood plantations in Panama, since 2005.

Investors have the opportunity to buy shares in special-purpose companies designed to purchase and establish these teak plantations.

Green Belt manages 1,630 acres of teak in Panama, and has facilitated the investment of €5.3 million into tropical hardwoods.

“Our investment principle is to combine the production of high value tropical hardwood with low input costs, a secure land registry system and low risk to yield excellent returns”, John O'Reilly, Green Belt CEO.

Green Belt has previously established a very successful International timberland investment opportunity - raising €1.71 million in ’06.

These monies have funded the establishment and will continue to fund the management of 207 hectares of Teak in Panama.

The management activities are carried out through a subsidiary company,
Green Belt Panama S.A.

Panama investment is closed – keep an eye on the website for details of a new investment package coming soon.

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