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Natural investment characteristics of timberland
 Green Belt has a team of foresters located across the country actively searching for and negotiating land for planting purchases and semi mature forestry purchases. Our well trained professional foresters utilise modern technology and life learned skills to assess lands and forests best suited to each portfolios requirements.
Our national team of forestry professionals can help you invest your time and money effectively, providing consistent, safe returns of 5% per annum at least, compounded over the lifetime of the term.
A unique characteristic of timberland is that it functions as both a factory and a warehouse. In other words, timber can be grown and then "stored on the stump." This gives investors the flexibility of harvesting trees when timber prices are up, and delaying harvests when prices are down. Timber is also a renewable resource that increases in value as trees mature. Consequently, larger diameter trees are disproportionately more valuable than smaller ones.

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Green Belt Ltd has proven its ability to build a pipeline of investment opportunities in timberland and related activities. A key differentiator of the Green Belt model is that it identifies off market land and timberland investment opportunities.
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Central America
Green Belt has brought an international dimension to forestry investment with the establishment of high-value tropical hardwood plantations in Panama, since 2005. Investors have the opportunity to buy shares in special-purpose companies designed to purchase and establish these teak plantations.

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