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Forestry Investment Featured

Green Belt is Ireland's largest private forestry group and as such, offers opportunities to those interested in either becoming involved or expanding their involvement in forestry. Below we have highlighted some options to consider. Further information is available on all Green Belt's services:

  1. Afforestation;
  2. Forestry Management;
  3. Timber harvesting;
  4. Irish Forestry Investment;
  5. European Forestry Investment.

Green Belt European Forestry Investment: Green Belt is investing €25+ million into semi mature forestry plantations across Europe offering expected returns of 8% over a 15 year term. 

We are inviting investment into a first closing of €10 million which will be used to acquire carefully selected plantations across Ireland and other carefully chosen jurisdictions.
With clean title, adequate infrastructure to manage the plantations and direct access to sawmills and markets, these plantations will return revenues from thinning and harvesting operations which will be managed by Green Belt.
Using a structured limited partnership formed by industry experts, this investment will be regulated by the central bank of Ireland and will be independently audited through the FSC.
To learn more of this investment, read the attached downloadable document and contact Maurice Ryan. This is an exciting investment into an asset class that is a hedge against inflation, is treated favourably for tax, is non volatile and consistently outperforms traditional equities and stocks.



Reasons to invest into Irish Forestry with Green Belt

icon-capital-growthTax Free Capital Growth
Your forest will appreciate in value annually tax free. By the time the forest reaches 15 years maturity your thinnings will be ready for use as fencing stakes, pulp or woodchip. From year 15 onwards the thinnings become more valuable and the uses for your timber become more variable as your trees mature. A well-managed crop of Sitka Spruce should be ready for clearfell after 30-35 years, depending on the site, and at today's prices should yield a return of over €8,000 per acre (excluding the land) at clearfell. Longer term broadleaves should yield considerably more.

icon-tax-free-incomeAnnual Tax Free Income
Farm forestry will generate a tax free income which is paid annually. The premium rates will depend on the species planted and classification of land. This annual tax free premium is payable for a period of 20 years.

icon-grants-schemesGenerous Grants Mean No Capital Investment
When you decide to plant your land; there is a grant to cover the planting costs. In nearly all cases it is sufficient to cover everything from planting to establishment to fencing. This means you are acquiring a substantial asset without the need for a personal capital investment. As the forestry earns continually throughout its life, there is no opportunity cost with establishing a plantation. For many it is an ideal earner, with a generous pay-out at clearfell.

How Much Could You Earn?

Who are we? Why invest with Green Belt?

green-belt-30th-logoGreen Belt Ltd is Ireland's largest private forestry company - Green Belt was established in 1982 since then it has seen substantial growth and currently ranks as the largest and most progressive private forestry company in this country - managing in excess of 300,000 planted acres.

Green Belt manages forestry plantations for all the main Pension Funds in Ireland along with many corporate investors. As well as doing the bulk of private planting for farmers, Green Belt also purchase land for an increasing number of farmers and investors who are diversifying their portfolios and farm holdings.

Who to Contact

maurice-ryan Maurice Ryan - Timber Marketing Manager

Maurice looks after the planning and implementation of thinning operations across the Southern areas of Ireland. Maurice aims to maximise short and long term value in his clients plantations through efficient and high quality thinning and harvesting. Please contact him directly to see how Green Belt can improve your crops earning potential.

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