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Wednesday, 27 July 2016 07:09

Green Belt continues to innovate

Green Belt continues its innovation in Irish forestry management.

Utilising the most up to date, high specification data available we can provide our clients with real, current and accurate information on their forest holdings or future forestry investment. Applying this data, cash flows can be projected into the future, calculating the return on investment factoring in all costs and revenues. Gross areas will be calcualted as well as net productive areas. The net productive area will be the areas generating income, areas of drains, ditches and any exclusions will be recorded and full inventory data on the tree crop. The tree crop information will be recorded using aerial imagery associated with complex algorithms and manual meansurement using digital callipers and tree height measurement hypsometers.

This is an example of a harvesting machine extracting timber at clearfell stage.

This information is priceless in today's market, where returns are critical and the solidity of the forestry investment model is standing up to scrutiny. To learn more about how Green Belt can provide you with modern excellence in forestry management, contact us today.

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