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Friday, 29 January 2016 11:54

Drones make a difference Featured

Green Belt has begun using drone imagery on selected forests

to provide real time data on the growth and performance of the forest. Using a DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone we have successfully captured up to date information on the forests.

The imagery allows us to view areas inaccessible in forests pre first thinning and to assess areas suitable to thin as well as areas that still require some time. We can check the areas of highest density, plan thinning and harvesting routes and extraction paths and assess the forest from a sales/ purchasing perspective.

Linking the imagery to GPS coorodinates provides the forest owner with information essential to the optimum management and performance of their forestry portfolio, improving thinning and clearfell returns through better informed management plans.

Green Belt can provide this service to you for as little as €10 per hectare, and you get a series of real time images and a video of your forestry. Please contact us to arrange a visit and see the fabulous results yourself.

Alternatively, you can check out DJI's store yourself!

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